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Three homes recently demolished on Davenport's West Locust Street across from St. Ambrose University are owned by Larry Whitty, president of Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor, and his siblings, but the future use of the land is still undecided, Whitty said.

"We're open to opportunities," Whitty said when asked what use will replace the homes. "We have no immediate plans."

Whitty and his siblings also own three now-vacant lots fronting Ripley from the Locust Street corner going south to 18th Street.

With the recent demolition, Whitty and his siblings now own the entire square block between Ripley and Harrison and Locust and 18th streets except for the Kwik Shop on the corner of Harrison and one small home. And all the lots except for the Kwik Shop and the small home are vacant.

Matt Flynn, a planner for the city of Davenport, said the six vacant lots still are zoned residential and no proposals for rezoning have been submitted.

Possible uses could be commercial, student housing or market rate housing, he said, adding that "there's nothing specific yet."

"It's a good location. We're hopeful something is going to happen pretty soon."

Whitty said he and his siblings are "happy to be a part" of whatever redevelopment comes to this corner. "Sometimes old becomes new with developments moving from the downtown up the hill."

Whitty also owns two lots fronting Harrison on the south side of 18th Street, where the former Cal & Bob's Quick -Shop Grocery Mart was demolished in December.

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