It wasn’t quite a sparkling carriage created by a fairy godmother out of a pumpkin and pulled by four white steeds.

But newlyweds Erin Lounsberry and Jason Platt would not have been happy with anything less than the carriage for which they have been lobbying since September to carry them from their wedding at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport to their reception at Black Hawk State Historic Site in Rock Island.

Yes, it was Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile, decked out with a sign on the back that said, “Just Linked,” and pulling a chain of empty ketchup and mustard bottles instead of the traditional tin cans.

Lounsberry has a bit of an obsession with the red and yellow Wienermobile. Platt said he was aware of the obsession. “I’ve known her 17 years and I’ve seen her obsession,” he said.

The couple missed a deadline for  a contest Oscar Mayer was holding that would award Wienermobile appearances to lucky winners. But that did not deter Lounsberry and Platt, and they turned to social media in the hopes of persuading the good people at Kraft, which owns Oscar Mayer, to give into their plea.

It worked.

“We found out we got it Nov. 7,” Platt said Friday night after the newlyweds took a post-wedding spin around town.

The icy Quad-City streets were no challenge to Wienermobile driver Stephen “Sizzlin’” Hays. “We go through 40 hours of driving training at Hot Dog High,” he said. “Plus, I grew up in the Midwest, so I’m used to driving in the snow and ice.”

"We're happy to make their dream come true," said Hays’ cohort for the night, Alex “Attadog” Connett, a native of Georgia.

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