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    Hope all of you had a great holiday weekend this past weekend. For the first time in a very long time, we actually took a sort of a vacation. We spent the weekend at a family member's lake house in Wisconsin. What a great time we had!

      Now this is Iowa corn growing weather! The heat and humidity have been turned on and everything is growing like crazy. I still love the line about how you can "hear the corn grow" in Iowa. I kind of feel like that could be true some days. Corn loves heat and humidity. Soybeans do quite a bit…

        As an Indian Muslim American, born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, I thought I understood what racism was. I knew I was different when the kids in science class would welcome me with erasers stamped onto their forehead, or when my cousins would tease me because I was too “white-washed.”

          I am very excited to report that we have all of our corn and soybeans planted! In fact, we finished on May 3rd. As I followed Robb back home with the planter, I thought about how last year we had not planted even a single acre by May 3rd. What a difference a year makes! We hope to never agai…

            Now that’s better — it finally feels like spring here in Iowa. With spring comes a long list of to-do’s here on the farm. Most importantly — it’s time to get planting! I think I started a spring column a few years ago with the phrase “Gentlemen, start your engines!”, and that really is what …

              Six weeks of social distancing and counting. My mom is not well, and I can’t see her. My house is a mess, as my daughter watches PBS Kids and Disney+. I should be cooking more often, but I’m not. Eye roll to the four unread books sitting on my night stand. With all that said, I'm figuring it…

              Authorities are searching for contraband at an Iowa prison after several sickened inmates and workers were treated over the weekend with the life-saving overdose antidote Narcan. KCCI-TV reports that inmates at the Anamosa State Penitentiary aren’t allowed to have visits and their movements are restricted amid the narcotics investigation. The investigation comes after two unrelated incidents over the weekend. One inmate and two staff members were treated with Narcan on Saturday. And two more inmates were treated Sunday.

              The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to test for radioactive contamination at a suburban St. Louis park that sits along a notoriously toxic creek. The Corps of Engineers is seeking permission from St. Louis County to test soil and water at Fort Belle Fontaine Park, a popular spot for hikers with high bluffs and panoramic views. The park sits near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Coldwater Creek runs through the park. The notoriously contaminated creek has been a headache for decades, since radioactive waste got into the waterway in the 1950s. Residents who lived along the creek as children in the 1960s and later have blamed illnesses, including rare cancers, on playing in the creek.


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