HBO misfires at Palin

HBO misfires at Palin


Sarah Palin’s top aides held a conference call to denounce the forthcoming HBO movie “Game Change,” which like any ultraliberal media production, knocks Palin as a mentally imbalanced moron. Reporters are already underlining the Palin aides haven’t seen the movie.

But isn’t that the point? Did the Clinton team wait to see the movie before begging ABC to kill “Race to 9/11”? Did the Kennedy team wait to see the miniseries “The Kennedys” before getting it demoted to the Reelz channel? The Palin folks can be pretty certain — especially since the trailer itself announces it’s a hit job.

Just see the rave review of Baltimore TV critic David Zurawik, who has seen this transparent propaganda, and the game is over.

“In a rational world, this film will help guarantee that Sarah Palin will never be elected to any major office again,” he asserts triumphantly. Zurawik lines up just a few snippets of the Palin-bashing he relished.

n McCain strategist (and Palin-bashing media darling) Steve Schmidt (played by Woody Harrelson) offers this analysis of the McCain-Palin ticket: “This

wasn’t a campaign. It was a bad reality show.”

HBO is merging their leftist “docudrama” with real liberal-bias “news” clips to leave one unmissable point: Never vote for Sarah Palin. Ever. For anything.

It should be safe to assume that HBO launched this hatchet job into production with the notion that Palin was going to run for president. (She’s still hinting that she’d love to be picked if the GOP has a brokered convention.) This whole enterprise reeks like a super PAC ad, complete with a pile of

Obama-supporting actors and an Obama-bundler as executive producer—Tom Hanks.

The film is called “Game Change,” after the book with the same title. But in the actual book, when does Sarah Palin really appear? In Chapter 20, titled “Sarahcuda,” on page 353.

HBO wants to paint the Democrats as the valiant heroes and paint the Republicans as the paranoid crazy women. Nobody needs to wait until March to wonder whether HBO is ridiculous when it puts out a statement calling this movie “a balanced portrayal of the McCain/Palin campaign.”


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