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Thursday, Oct. 23, 1997 -- 'Rocket Man' lands in Q-C | The sights, the sounds ... and that's before the show

If you wanted to have some fun Wednesday, you should have tried walking against the tide on the way to the Elton John concert at The Mark of the Quad-Cities. A dizzying stream of young/old, short/tall, male/female humanity poured into the downtown Moline arena for the concert that sold out in 18 minutes last month.

Monday, Oct. 24, 1977 -- Schucks! It's Slim Pickins For Corn Hall

KEWANEE, Ill. -- If Bob Richards has his way, the Hog Capital of the World will have to share top billing with the Cornpickers Hall of Fame. But that is a big "if" -- Richards figures he has only until Nov. 1 to come up with $8,000 before dreams of a shrine to the all-time great pickers go the way of cornstalks in a hailstorm.

Friday, Oct. 25, 1957 -- HOMECOMING 'QUEEN BEE'

St. Ambrose College students voted Janet Kinney, Monmouth, Ill., Marycrest senior, Queen Bee to reign over homecoming activities. Attending the queen, from left to right, background, are: Jane Phillips, Chicago, Marycrest sophomore; Nora Okenfuss, Chicago, Marycrest freshman, Julie Walski, Chicago, Marycrest junior; and Mary Jo Barnes, Washington, Iowa, St. Ambrose division of nursing junior.

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 1937 -- Poor Daddy; Mamma at Cooking School

When mamma goes to cooking school, daddy minds the kiddies. Shown here is Max Strieby as he sat in the lobby of the Orpheum theater this morning looking after Carrol Lorraine, 2½ years, and Shirley Anne, eight months, while Mrs. Streiby attended the opening session of The Times-Democrat free cooking school. Although Daddy Streiby looks somewhat forlorn, he said he really didn't mind so much. "You see it's this way," he said, "When the missus goes to the cooking school, she learns how to prepare those tasty dishes which are demonstrated. Then she fixes them for me and oh boy, are they good."

Saturday, Oct. 27, 1917 -- SQUARE DEAL FOR COLORED TROOPS

CAMP GRANT, ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) Oct. 27 -- Major General Thomas H. Barry called all the 300 officers of this cantonment before him yesterday and spoke of the treatment which he said must be accorded negroes coming into camp. He said it was not the "color of a man's skin that counts, but their hearts."

Thursday, Oct. 28, 1897 -- EN ROUTE FOR THE SOUTH

The steamer Gracie Kent, of Stillwater, Minn., left for the south at an early hour this morning, taking with it the hull of the Lillie Turner, converted into a barge and loaded down with potatoes. The boat also had two other barges of potatoes, something like four thousand bushels in all, which Captain Kent is taking to southern markets.

Monday, Oct. 29, 1877 -- KIRALFY'S AROUND THE WORLD | Sure Thing To-night

The reason of the non-arrival of this troupe, was the detention of the steamer Alex. Mitchel, which had contracted for their transportation. We received a telegram from them Saturday mentioning, "Waiting for Mitchel," which was believed to mean some actor of that name, hence the mistake.