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The 43rd running of the Bix 7—and my 20th run- is in the books. So now is a time for reflection.

As a runner who paid a $40 entry fee months ahead of time, I was not pleased when I picked up my packet information to find out the only t-shirts left were extra-large. If Bix organizers are going to charge runners $40, they better make sure every runner gets a t-shirt that fits.

And maybe it is time for some other changes at the Bix. I love Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit Samuelson, but do I really need to see the same two runners at the running expo every single year? I would love to see Kara Goucher or the winner of the 1500-meter gold medal at the Olympics, Matthew Centrowitz Jr. Or bring in Usain Bolt some year. Whether these people run the race or not, runners will show up in droves to meet them.

I love the local runner who gets a head start. How cool would it be if a celebrity was added to the mix? Runner’s World has a column each month about a celebrity runner. It would be easy to find a celebrity to be a second “head start” runner.

I overheard one lady talking downtown. She does not run the race because she gets claustrophobic at the start. She wondered why the race is not started in waves like so many other runs? Maybe it is time to consider this.

I hope the Bix 7 goes strong for another 43 years. If Bix organizers respect runners by giving them the correct T-shirt size and by continuing to explore new ideas, the next 43 years can be as great as the first forty-three.

Larry Fangman

Elkhorn, Nebraska