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Spring is the usual time to clean and organize your living spaces. But what should you do with the clothing, furniture, home items or electronics that you aren’t using anymore? Donating to a suitable charity is always a good option but might not be a first choice. Online marketplaces, such a…

Storms that dropped possibly dozens of tornadoes killed at least 26 people in small towns and big cities across the South and Midwest. The storms tore a path through the Arkansas capital and collapsed the roof of a packed concert venue in Illinois. People throughout the region were stunned with the scope of the damage. Confirmed or suspected tornadoes in at least eight states destroyed homes and businesses, splintered trees and lay waste to neighborhoods across a broad swath of the country. The dead included nine in one Tennessee county, four in the small town of Wynne, Arkansas, four in Illinois and three in nearby Sullivan, Indiana. Other deaths were reported elsewhere in Tennessee and in Alabama and Mississippi, along with one near Little Rock, Arkansas.

With tornadoes hitting the Midwest and the South, some survivors say that they emerged from their homes to find buildings ripped apart, vehicles tossed around like toys, shattered glass and felled trees. Residents in towns in northeastern Arkansas and Belvidere, Illinois are recounting the damages this weekend from storms that dropped dozens of tornadoes. In Belvidere, the last time the town was devastated to this extent from a tornado was in 1967. They survived, and — like so many others in several states — emerged to see devastation outside.


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