Thumbs Up … to the City of Moline for advancing a measure to allow companion dogs to be in outdoor areas and patios at certain taverns in the city. The proposal wouldn’t allow for dogs to be inside these establishments or where food is prepared. The ordinance also gives the city some discretion whether to grant permission, depending on the size of the outdoor area and compatibility of surrounding properties.

We have heard from people who think prohibitions on dogs at outdoor seating areas is overly restrictive in the Quad-Cities. Frankly, if businesses are willing to permit it, and the city exercises the kind of caution this ordinance seems to contemplate, then it seems reasonable.

Thumbs Down … Paul Robert Dorr, a religious activist from northwest Iowa who was convicted this week of criminal mischief and fined in connection with the burning of four books he’d checked out from the public library in Orange City.

The Associated Press reported Dorr posted a video to Facebook last October in which he denounced the library and burned four LGBTQ children’s books.

Dorr, who is from Ocheyedan, claimed his actions were legal, and he said he was doing God’s will.

He can think that if he wants, but it’s not up to him to determine what books are suited to be in the public library – we have librarians and people who oversee them who are charged with that responsibility, and they answer to their communities as a whole.

Anybody who takes it upon themselves to burn books because they don’t like their content is, quite simply, guilty of a crime. Nothing more.

Thumbs Down …. to Universal Studios and the makers of a new film called “The Hunt.” The movie, which has been described as satire, is basically about a group of elite liberals who hunt “deplorables” for sport. The original title for the film was "Red State vs. Blue State," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

If you’ve seen the trailer online, it is horrendous. And, of course, the timing could not be any worse, given the shootings last weekend in Dayton and El Paso.

According to the Reporter, ESPN pulled an ad for the movie last weekend and Universal is "re-evaluating its strategy for the certain-to-be-controversial satire."

We think there's enough violence in today's movies. And the idea of combining this penchant for blood and gore with the increasing  political divisions in this country — and the epidemic of gun violence — is just mind-boggling.

It's hard for us to say, based on a trailer and news reports, that Universal ought to junk this movie. But, given what we've seen, we can't see any good coming from it.

Thumbs Up … to Major League Baseball for scheduling Iowa's first-ever big league baseball game for Aug. 13, 2020, at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, the site of the 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta.

The game will be between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox, and it will air on FOX. Bloomberg reports this is all part of an effort by MLB to reinvigorate viewership.

Many of us have made the trip to Dyersville over the years to walk the field and, on occasion, imagine a ball game. Well, now, it’s going to actually happen.

Major League Baseball says it will build a temporary, 8,000-seat stadium adjacent to the field that was in the movie.

"A pathway through a cornfield will take fans to the ballpark, which will overlook the famous movie location. The right field wall will include windows to show the cornfields beyond the ballpark," the news release continued.

That sounds like some ball field. And, to think, Ray Kinsella's neighbors questioned his sanity for plowing under his corn to build a simple diamond with lights.

It was just a week ago that the Times’ Don Doxsie was recalling in this newspaper the 80th anniversary of two major league exhibitions in the Quad-City area and how those games never happen anymore. Now, Iowa gets to host a regular-season game.

Let's play two!

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