Thumbs up to developer Joseph Lemon for tossing a lifeline to Franklin Elementary School in Moline.

Moline-Coal Valley School District found itself in a bind after a Sept. 24 electrical fire rendered Franklin Elementary unusable for weeks, if not months. The district had to act fast to accommodate nearly 300 students.

Lemon and his family just so happened to be on the cusp of closing the purchase of Western Illinois University's former campus. In a matter of days, Franklin Elementary students had a ready-made temporary school.

Lemon has discounted the rent for the district. And, even though he actually didn't own the building yet, worked a deal that allowed teachers in the building days ahead of time to prepare the space for class.

The remedy isn't without its problems. Busing, for example, has proved a challenge, district officials have said. But that's a small issue in the grand scale.

Thumbs down to President Donald Trump and his administration's campaign against Iowa.

On Thursday night, The Washington Post reported that Trump personally intervened and ordered his underlings to kill Iowa's proposal that would prop up its faltering insurance exchange. The Post reported that Trump said, "Tell Iowa no."

State officials insisted Friday that the proposal was still alive and under review in Washington. 

It would be the second time in as many weeks that the Trump administration took an action that would specifically damage Iowa. Late last month, the Environmental Protection Agency rolled out proposed regulations that would gut the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Trump won Iowa. Republicans run Iowa. Iowa's GOP royalty have remained loyal even as Trump's administration has been mired in total chaos. 

But Trump is loyal to no one but himself.

Thumbs up to to Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst for putting the pressure on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Pruitt's agency is eyeing significant cuts to biofuels, an industry that's benefited Iowa more than any other state. The move comes as no surprise since Pruitt has spent his career carrying water for the oil industry.

This week, Grassley and Ernst demanded meetings with Pruitt. Grassley called the president. They gathered dozens of signatures from Senate colleagues opposed to rollbacks to the RFS.

Iowa's U.S. senators may have been duped when they voted for Pruitt's confirmation. But, at the very least, they're doing all they can to minimize the damage.