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Students Rykevius Edwards, 18, left, and Matthew Spencer, 17, cut the ribbon during an open house and grand opening ceremony for the J.B. Young Opportunity Center in Davenport. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the open house allowed visitors to see the first floor of the building and learn about the programs available to the community.

Thumbs up to Davenport Community School District for finding a community-centered use for J.B. Young school.

The district last year shuttered the school, a victim of declining enrollment. But, this week, it welcomed the opening of the Opportunity Center in the vacant building featuring a slew of organizations doing work that communities such as those surrounding J.B. Young desperately need.

The cash-strapped school district could have abandoned J.B. Young entirely, thereby leaving just another vacant lot. It instead chose to do something more. 

Thumbs down to Iowa's collapsing health insurance marketplace.

A lot of fingers were pointed this week when state officials announced the state is abandoning its quest for an Affordable Care Act waiver that would have permitted drastic changes to how Iowa's market is funded.

Iowa's waiver application was probably illegal, under the ACA, a fact state Republicans quickly jumped on to pin the collapse on Democrats and former President Barack Obama.

It's also true that President Donald Trump has done everything he can to undermine the ACA, and dominant congressional Republicans have been completely incapable of reforming, rescinding or replacing ACA. 

At the end of the day, thousands of Iowans are about to be completely priced out of health insurance access and government, as a whole, has failed them.

Thumbs up to Davenport city officials and the Bechtel Trust for proactively broaching the recent wave of juvenile crime. 

The trust offered up $600,000 over three years, which the city will match. The result will be two new school resource officers and two additional beat cops focused on "community policing."

There's an argument to be made whether additional police, alone, can stifle the spate of car thefts, burglaries and shootings sweeping throughout Davenport. But Davenport Police Department has, in recent years, reinvented in a meaningful effort to improve community relations.

Neither the city, schools nor private donors are ignoring the problem. That, alone, is laudable. 


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