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Kimberly Division-002

Additional work still remains to be done at the intersection of Kimberly Road and Division Street including sidewalk work and traffic signal replacement.

Thumbs up to Buffalo Police Chief Terry “TJ” Behning.

Behning is home from the hospital about six weeks after being seriously injured during a chase with a stolen dump truck.

Prosecutors allege Logan Jeffery Shoemaker, 20, stole a garbage truck and tried to elude police. At the chase's end, Shoemaker intentionally targeted Behning's squad car as the chief attempted to deploy stop sticks, police say. Shoemaker faces a host of charges, including attempted murder.

Behning remains in rough shape, according to family and officials. His legs took the brunt of the impact.

At the very least, he's healing after numerous surgeries. We're happy to hear of his recovery. 

Thumbs down to Davenport city officials and anyone else who left businesses at the intersection of Kimberly Road and Division Street out to dry for seven months.

Roadwork at the intersection began in March and was supposed to be done by July. It's November and, still, the three-phase widening and surfacing project is yet to be finished. 

All summer, traffic was snarled and several businesses were all but inaccessible due to the project that just won't end.

Unsurprisingly, business owners at the intersection are fed up. One told us that he's seen receipts plummet 50 percent.

Civil projects are a necessary, important function of the public sphere. But, in this instance, poor communication between engineers, city officials and utility companies endangered the livelihoods of taxpayers and citizens.

A few months is one thing. Non-stop delays are completely unacceptable. 

Thumbs down to U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, for, yet again, having the moral authority of a spirochete.

King joined the Fox News bandwagon and blasted U.S. senators who asked Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore to leave the race amid molestation allegations. On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that Moore allegedly initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl in the late-1970s. The age of consent was, and is, 16 in Alabama.

King, of course, blamed those pesky #NeverTrump Republicans in the Senate for abandoning the Alabama firebrand.

"Judge Roy Moore told to withdraw by Senators who won’t or can’t help move Trump agenda," King tweeted Thursday night.

This from a man who's entire shtick is based on some supposed higher moral authority. Of course, King only only applies those standards to those who aren't on his side.

What a hypocrite. 


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