Lead animal control officer Amanda Schutts holds Ike, a stray pug, as volunteer veterinarian Michael Moulton checks him out at the Humane Society of Scott County in Davenport.

Thumbs Up ... to the tentative deal struck by the City of Davenport and the Humane Society of Scott County, which would continue the relationship between the two to handle animal control issues. A new three-year agreement has been drafted, with an annual cost of about $350,000, according to the Times' Bill Lukitsch.

It looked for a while like the partnership would end, with the Humane Society seeking a $750,000 annual payment. The city currently pays $223,000 per year.

Frankly, we were concerned about the transition, and while we wouldn't begrudge the city taking the service under its wing, it looks like both parties have agreed to compromise.

Thumbs Up … to all those who are challenging the Trump administration’s attempt to mess with the 2020 Census by adding a citizenship question.

If this goes through, millions of people in the United States will likely go uncounted and the flow of billions of dollars of federal money will be disrupted.

Frankly, it looked like this whole matter had been laid to rest earlier this week. The Justice Department said Tuesday it was abandoning this quest following a Supreme Court decision that blocked the move. (But on Wednesday, the administration reversed course after the president insisted.)

We're not sure where this will end up, but the citizenship question is wholly unnecessary. The U.S. Constitution requires a count every decade of the "whole number of persons in each state," not the number of citizens. And we already have an adequate way of counting the number of undocumented people who are in the country.

We’re grateful that Chief Justice John Roberts and four other justices took a stand. We’re also happy that states like New York and Illinois – and the State of Iowa, through the actions of Attorney General Tom Miller – took the administration to court.

We know they'll keep up the fight, and we hope they end up on the winning side. We already know they are on the side of right.

Thumbs Down … to the situation in a west Davenport neighborhood, where the postal service cut off home delivery in late May after a loose dog bit a mail carrier.

The postmaster told the Times’ Linda Cook that he was merely protecting his carriers. That’s certainly understandable. People ought to keep their dogs under control. But it’s the city’s job to make sure neighborhoods are safe and the postal service’s duty to make sure people get their mail. Frankly, we were disappointed to see that it was innocent bystanders, the neighbors, who paid the price for this situation.

As Cook reported, people in the 2000 block of Linwood Avenue in Davenport had to go to the West 2nd Street post office to get their mail – not too big a hardship for the able, but what about older residents?

We are told that a neighborhood delivery box was installed this week to help with the situation.

Thumbs Up ... to the Rock Island City Council for seeking reimbursement from former 2nd Ward Alderman Virgil Mayberry for inappropriate purchases charged to a city credit card.

City Attorney Dave Morrison wrote Mayberry last month asking him to pay $586.14, which covers the cost of a bulletproof vest purchased in 2016, as well as for clothing recently purchased from Land's End.

According to the Dispatch-Argus, Morris said that since Mayberry no longer holds office there is no public purpose for those items.

The newspaper reported in June on hundreds of dollars of inappropriate purchases by Mayberry.

After that report was published, we said the city should exercise more oversight. We were happy to see the council refused to approve some expenses after that, and now the city is rightly trying to recover some of its money.

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