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To the future generations:

I spent five hours watching the midterm election results. I heard from candidates, data analyzers, and the winners. I heard from both the Republicans and the Democrats. In all that time, I heard four sentences regarding saving your air, water, and land.

I did not hear the words environment, global warming, alternative energy or carbon fee.

I hope Kim Reynolds, Amy Finkenauer, Steve King, Dave Loebsack, Cindy Axne, Carrie Koelker, Zach Walls, Pat Heiden and all the newly elected and currently serving will add saving the air, the water and the land as a goal for you.

Yes, we have many problems that need solutions. Saving our resources should be added to the list. I want you, the future generation to have a future. I am going to continue to educate and help others to learn and change. I hope that our elected people will too.

Charlene Lange

Iowa City

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