Several weeks ago candidate Joe Biden talked about a record player; it brought back memories of my youth. It was fun singing along with those old "45s" — until one of your favorite records got a scratch. And then part of the recording keep repeating itself over and over again.

That reminds me of the current Democrats in the House of Representatives. They seemingly have only one thing on their minds — impeach the president.

We went through two years of "what might be in the Mueller Report," and finally it was released. No collusion, no obstruction — based on a fictional document. Then there was the Kavanaugh hearing. Tons of hullabaloo and at the last moment a super-secret recollection that was going to cannonball his Supreme Court nomination. Again based on a fictional account. (This has actually happened twice to Justice Kavanaugh.) Now a so called "whistleblower" (deep state operative will be the eventual identifier) publishes a third person account of President Trump’s call to another head of state. "It is loaded with countless crimes." This is really going to be the "gotcha" impeachment moment. Yawn.

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The Democrats just keep repeating themselves. You know what we did with scratched records? We threw them out. Perhaps there is a lesson here.

Reg Shoesmith


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