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Bettendorf School Board, you finally halted the out-of-control superintendent of schools and have indicated to the citizens that maybe things have gone too far.

Character demands you do the right thing. You are in the process of creating a lost year of education for those children at Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain elementary schools. If you doubt it, talk to the teachers and the students it affects.

Second through fifth graders moving twice and having to use outside porta-potties next year. Really?

No one asked for these changes. The superintendent and board made these decisions, as they noted, because they could.

You, the board, spent maintenance money on building new elementary schools. You then try to back the citizens into a corner by declaring you needed more money to repair our existing schools even though you admitted that the bones of Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain were in good shape.

Don’t think it is time to sweep these bad decisions under the rug. It is time to reconfigure Mark Twain as a two-section school. It will eliminate moving any children next year, and it will return to the citizens of Bettendorf what they wanted.

You will save millions of dollars with just a two-section school and that money can then be used to repair other needy schools in the Bettendorf School District.

Mike Marshall


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