It is with deep sadness wrapped in abundant gratitude that we say good by to Greatest Grains. Julie Martens and Clyde Mayfield, the original Quad-City purveyors of 'food for fuel.'

A couple with a vision; a concept played out over 40 years. Look to them, their children and staff for the meaning of teamwork, education, culture, opportunity and class.

Greatest Grains is the Hilltop Flagship. And despite the lack of support and investment by the city of Davenport, that opted to pave the road with tax breaks and incentives for national corporations, Clyde served on the School Board and the Civil Rights Commission.

As gentrification mows over the original Davenport and its people, the Mayfields will always remain a guiding light of purpose, education, civility and hope. Your neighbors wish you a peaceful, joyful future with your fine children and beautiful grandchildren. Perhaps, dear friends, the very best is yet to be.

Genevieve Rafferty, Jr.


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