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Letter: A doubting Thomas

Letter: A doubting Thomas


This is a rebuttal to Toby Dickens' (Dec. 26) letter asking if anyone has noticed that Covid hasn’t killed anyone in government? It is true that only a small number of the "elite betters" as he has called them have died from the virus. This could be because they have the privilege of staying home like the CDC says we all should do, and having the essential workers do the day-to-day work that needs to be done to keep the country running. Also, the instant these elites test positive or start showing any symptoms they receive the cutting-edge supplements and treatments that the common person does not.

The "little people" he talks about are told to isolate, take their temperature and let their doctor know if they have worsening symptoms. Some of these littles even die alone at home because they have no one who could check on them. I am going to label Toby a "doubting Thomas" in that just because he and his family seem to have not been touched by this virus, he does not believe that it is real. I think the numbers and pictures of people that have been killed by the virus speak for themselves.

In the bible Thomas said he would not believe that Christ had risen from the dead unless he could see and feel Jesus’s wounds. I pray that Toby does not have to have a loved one or friend die from this disease to believe that this virus is real. Mask up!

Mary Maher



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