Letter: A gracious kindness

Letter: A gracious kindness


On Wednesday, I had a flat tire on Elmore Avenue. My car limped into the parking lot of the Dairy Queen, where I was going to meet friends. Almost immediately, two people stopped to help.

Not taking no for an answer, they parked their car, got out and started in. While the first Good Samaritan was working on the tire, the second came along because he had a better wrench.

When getting the spare on, they found it was low. So the second Samaritan offered to go buy a pump, then he would just keep it. I offered to treat them both to a Diary Queen treat, but both refused. I put a $20 in the first person's pocket, but later found it inside the car.

I can't thank these two generous men enough for their cheerful and willing help. They were wonderful examples of being a helpful Samaritan. I pray God will richly bless them for their gracious kindness to me.

Mary Zerbe



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