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In response to Bill Bloom’s letter published Feb. 28, entitled "Democrats’ Border Motive," I hereby declare that as a progressive thinking, liberal-minded Democrat who also happens to be very proud of my Latino heritage, I am fully in favor of absolute border security for our nation.

Mr. Bloom, I would like to respectfully share with you my vision of what a secure border looks like. A significant investment in high tech surveillance and upgrades on existing barriers would take place. We would also create more border crossing checkpoints to process more migrants and asylum seekers, thus reducing the incentive to come across illegally. Processing will include background checks, job search, fingerprinting and DNA profile, etc. All murderers, rapists, and terrorists would be turned away. I am confident that Mexico will pay for at least a portion of the cost of this new program.

Furthermore Mr. Bloom, I refer to your list of what you think Democrats believe. I am a strong proponent of only one item on your list. Providing food, water, and basic medical attention to those migrants who show up at our doorstep is the responsible and humane thing to do. And lastly Mr. Bloom, contrary to your apparent belief, as a progressive thinking, liberal minded Democrat, I have no desire to "drive millions into the coffers of crime cartels in Mexico that 'manage' the trade of sneaking people into the country."

Timothy Garcia


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