All relay team coaches know, when you only have a few people, developing poor players into respectable players delivers more wins than ignoring them, instead working to turn excellent players into amazing players. The same year that it takes to shave a fraction of a second off a great runner's time, steady coaching could shave 20 seconds off a poor runner's time.

That's our climate pollution situation. Europe, Australia, Japan, and the United States have become good to very good (compare breathing orange air in Los Angeles in the 1980's to the clear air today). China, India and soon parts of Africa and South America put more in the air in an hour than the rest do in a week.

Folks who are serious about pollution know it won't matter how much more we do in the U.S. or Europe — because no matter how much more we spend and do we're coloring around the edges of the problem.

Our political office seekers who fan fear in hopes of heading huge new government programs here will only generate suffering from restricted jobs and increased taxes without delivering a climate win because we here aren't even close to the big problem.

You want to make a difference — support folks who understand international trade and foreign affairs. Candidates who generate fear then direct blame have a skill but a dreary one we don't need. Support folks who prove when it comes to pollution they know which efforts deliver a real, not 'seems,' win.

Harry G. Coin


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