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Congress and 800,000 federal workers are at a standstill because of the wall that candidate Donald Trump promised and said that Mexico would pay for. He wants $5.6 billion in the next budget in order to build it. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, has called his obsession with the wall a "manhood thing."

So if it's really just a vanity thing, here's my idea for a compromise: Why doesn't the Democratic leadership offer to instead put Trump's face on Mount Rushmore. He would be up there with the really heavy hitters of American history: Abe, George, Tom. It would be cheaper than a wall, and Nancy and Chuck Schumer could offer some embellishments like more hair and work in some large hands.

The beauty of it would be it would take a long time, and he'd be out of office, one way or another. And rock slides do happen.

Alice J. Nielsen


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