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I watched Gayle King's interview of R. Kelly through the prism of morbid curiosity. There sat an obviously angry man, locked in a battle with rage and the truth. Across from him sat an interviewer who was the epitome of reason and control. The interview was disastrous for Mr. Kelly; a victory for Ms. King.

Gayle King's now destined for a promotion at CBS. R. Kelly's likely going to prison.

As I re-hashed the interview in my mind, I pictured a man. He's angry. The world isn't going the way he wants it to. He's got an idea about what he wants to say, but he's said it before and it hasn't changed things.

He starts explaining his position calmly, reasonably, but inside there's a terrible rage. He can't understand why everyone doesn't see things as he does. It's plain as day.

His explanations begin to take on a darker tone. His language begins to get coarse, invective and insults replacing the reasonable words that came effortlessly just moments before.

Tears begin to form, and he rises from his seat. "I'm right!" he shouts, as his arms begin to flail. Pacing now, he fumbles for words. "This should be so easy," he thinks, as his anger turns to fear. "If I don't get this right and convince this audience, the world will end."

He finishes his rant, sure that he's been successful. It's ready to send. Hit enter...

Another anti-Trump Letter-to-the-Editor is on it's way.

I bet you didn't see that coming.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.


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