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The latest statistics show that more than 701,900 visitors to the United States, arriving by airplane or ship, overstayed their visas between October 2016 and September 2017. That doesn't include those who arrived by land who overstayed. A wall will not prevent people from overstaying visas, but updated technology would help.

If these visitors are working or attending school somewhere, making employers and schools more responsible in verifying citizenship status would help. Creating a better verification system and punishing employers that continue to hire illegal immigrants would help.

Republicans held the majority in the House and Senate, as well as the presidency the last two years. How is it not their fault that a wall wasn't built?

Smuggling occurs mainly through tunnels and in legal cargo, and the majority of murders are committed by native born Americans. A wall will not prevent those things. We are and always have been a country made better by immigration. Border security is important. Democrats agree with that. But using all of the available money just to build a wall will not prevent illegals or smuggling.

President Trump is using this as a smokescreen to avoid talking about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, lower taxes for the rich, Melania's parents being made citizens because of Melania and Mar-a-Lago's hiring of illegals.

The two parties need to overhaul our immigration policies. This is not an emergency or they would've built the wall two years ago.

Karen Martin


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