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David Hartsuch’s condemnation of the Democrats (Democrats Don’t Want Border Security, Jan. 6) toes the party line but is specious. His argument uses a strange anachronism—common among Republicans—that a wall is the only way to protect Americans from a dreamed-up invasion of foreigners. Expand the symbolism (and that’s what a wall amounts to) a bit further.  Request an additional $5 billion for catapults, cauldrons of boiling oil and dungeons at the border, and use this proposal as an opportunity to suggest that it might be time for a king-and-serf system for today’s America.

I’m personally tired of a party-line refusal to acknowledge important data about crime, law enforcement, safety and the frightening reasons for much of today’s immigration as well as America’s doctrinal embrace of the immigrant.  The standard package of self-satisfied myths obviously plays well to the president’s base but exists outside reality and is saturated with xenophobia.

As a tool to accomplish a righteous and just immigration policy, a wall is as rational a choice as a moat around the White House for the protection of Individual 1 (but at least a moat could be engineered to drain a swamp). In the digital age, a wall is expensive, barbaric and very old-school technology and one that makes it difficult to see that Democrats are as concerned for safety as anyone; but they seem to be alone in their concern for justice.

Leslie Bell


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