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Letter: Alleman won't survive

Letter: Alleman won't survive

I was expelled from Alleman High School, the first month of my senior year, September, 1971.

I was a "clown" and I was disruptive.

I recently have read about the problems the school is having and the concerns of the alumnae. The enrollment apparently is declining rapidly and none of the administrative personnel is able to explain why.

While apparently across the river Assumption High School seems to be thriving.

Here is my take on the situation at Alleman.

If you were obedient, respectful, and submissive towards the Catholic "beliefs" they were trying to instill, you would graduate with "honors."

Me? 50 years later, I am so happy that I didn't buy into the nonsense that was being peddled by the clergy.

Looking back, and also looking at the current situation, I can see where Alleman won't survive.

It's always been a little secretive society," where incorrigibles and non-conformists have no chance to get "educated," or counseling. Just for a moment, I would like to go into the verbal abuse I took on an almost weekly basis.

It was provided by the dean of students, also the head football coach at the time, whose degree(s) in physical education qualified him to counsel me I guess.

The same person that, when alone in his office, called me a (expletive) idiot, and a (expletive) loser.

Fade away, Alleman, you never helped anyone but yourselves. Catholicism at its best. Good luck Assumption. Stay true.

John A. Rogers

Rock Island


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