Over 42 percent of American voters identify as independent and are the most informed on issues. Republicans make up around 28 percent and either have their head buried somewhere the sun doesn't shine or are just afraid to speak out because of political correctness. The remaining 30 percent is made up of the most uninformed, Democratic voters, ballots cast from residents of our cemeteries, illegal voting and names on box after box of write-in ballots as needed to change the outcome in important races.

Thanks to social media like Facebook, Americans are speaking up more then ever before on topics our media refuses to cover, which really scares our politicians. Here's a few samples:

How can a Republican president face impeachment for crimes committed by Democrats?

Only in America are you free to murder your child at birth but go to jail for spanking him.

Let's abolish the Electoral College so people decide.

Our flag and culture offends so many people in America but our benefits don't.

Recently a baby survived outside the womb at 23 weeks and in most states can be legally torn apart.

Saying Joe Biden is really affectionate is like saying Jeffrey Dahmer was just really hungry.

Democrats aren't for banning hate speech, they are for banning speech they hate so when they use the f-word in describing President Trump, nobody can say this is out of line.

Don Erbst Sr.


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