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You are cruising down the highway when an oncoming vehicle crosses the center-line and comes straight at you. Do you a) brake, b) steer left, c) steer right, or d) accelerate?

Of course, ‘a,’ 'b' or 'c' is correct, yet our executive branch leadership wants us to speed up straight ahead to disaster. But that is where this analogy ends. A vehicle crash is over in seconds, but the climate change ‘crash’ started decades ago and will be with us far into the future.

Fortunately, we still have and will have many opportunities to minimize its negative effects if we act together and dramatically. We do not need to sit idly by as helpless passengers headed toward destruction. Any action we take today, no matter how small, will change climate change’s impact now and for future generations.

Besides direct self- and family-focused actions, we can let our local, state, and federal elected and appointed officials know what we expect them to do. Our sharing of feelings and expectations will give them confidence to make good decisions for us all. You will feel better now, and we all will be better off in the future.

Ned Shepherd


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