Dear Editor: "Thank you!" hardly covers the gracious honesty of a man named Rob C.

This morning I set out on a brief trip via Metro bus to reach the Social Security office. I had a folder containing all my identifying information in hand. Reaching the bus shelter to wait, I laid the folder on the seat next to me, and as sometimes happens, there were distractions — a Metro employee asked a smoker to leave the shelter; a couple of other folks were chatting, and I made a couple of comments, etc., and then the buses arrived. I got up, walking to the bus I needed while talking to a lady who said she was trying to stop smoking.

Arriving at Centre Station, I got off one bus and prepared to board another when I realized I didn’t have that folder.

A quick check inside the bus I had just left revealed it must have been left at my starting point inside the shelter there. I quickly boarded a return bus, and feeling quite panicked, I fervently prayed that God would send an angel to sit on that folder until I got there.

No trip on a bus seemed longer, but as we drew up to the bus shelter where I had left it, there was my angel holding that folder. Rob C introduced himself as I jumped out of the bus and said, "That is my folder, Thank you!" He was going to give it to a bus driver.

Angels are everywhere — they even ride Metro bus.

Caryl Altemus


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