"Once upon a time..." I'm recalling bedtime stories, fables and fairy tales. Those chronicles of adventure, usually concluding "...happily ever after," set the stage for fantastic dreams.

Recently, a Mother Goose-like atmosphere emanated from the House Intelligence(?) Committee. A "whistleblower" had reported supposed misconduct by President Trump during a conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart..

Strangely, Chairman Adam Schiff chose to open his official inquiry with a fabricated, imaginary "parody" of that conversation. This communication was reportedly the "smoking-gun" that would destroy Trump. Why didn't Schiff just read the transcript?

Perhaps Schiff was attempting to be "original" and inject a little levity into this deathly-serious inquisition. More likely, he knew Trump's actual words weren't damning at all. The transcript revealed an innocuous exchange that needed Schiff's gross embellishment to fit his concocted narrative. 

Sycophants from major "news" outlets picked up this "scandal" and tried pushing it. Unfortunately for the Democrat/press cabal, only those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome still believe them. 

The American public no longer puts "journalists" on a pedestal. We remember the Soviet-era "news" agencies TASS and Pravda. Those "purveyors of truth" were also populated by "journalists." They lied with straight faces, savoring the celebrity their lies purchased. "Fake news" isn't new, it's just new here. 

Russians grew to see Pravda/TASS for the propagandists they were. Americans view our media through the same lens.

Robert Mueller's "witch-hunt" opened America's eyes. Two years... nothing. Now "Emperor" Schiff wants to tell us about his "new clothes."

Adam, your pencil's showing.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.


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