Barb Walsh, in her Sept. 25 letter to the editor, encouraged Iowa voters to demand from Sen. Joni Ernst that discussions (relating specifically to reforming Social Security) take place in full daylight and to further scrutinize her plans before casting a ballot in 2020.

Is it really necessary we demand that Ernst and her plans come out into the full light of day?

Absolutely. Here’s why.

I have written Sen. Ernst many times posing a pointed question seeking a direct and clear answer. For example, "How do you justify a multi-million dollar border wall, while the infrastructure, such as roads and bridges in Iowa and the rest of our nation, are deteriorating?"

Yes, the senator has responded to me, but guess what? The questions I posed are never answered. I might get a full page, singled-paced text, but no direct answer to the question asked.

Recently, I’ve noticed that responses to my letters have also stopped.

How can we be informed voters, which we believe is essential for a democracy, when those who represent us desire to work "behind closed doors."

I urge every Iowa voter to write a letter to Sen. Ernst on any issue important to you. Pose a clear and direct question. Then ask for a clear and direct answer.

Bruce Bufe



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