To the person or persons who stole items from my front porch:

I live on Laurel Street and about three weeks ago four wind chimes and a glass-blown hummingbird feeder were stolen from our front porch. I wish to take the time to thank that person or persons who decided it was OK to come onto my property and take these items:

• Ladybug wind chime. (It was given to me for Fathers Day by my daughter.)

• U.S. Army wind chime (I am a U.S. Army veteran.)

• Glass-blown hummingbird feeder (It was my wife's deceased father's.)

• Two others given for birthdays.

I guess you decided to take these items for one of two reasons: You don't like veterans (hence, my U.S. Army flag flying off the porch) or you believe in socialism; you see someone who has something you want and don't have so you take it from them.

This just solidifies my reasons why the 1 percent of this population serves this country's people so others have the right to steal or break society's laws.

Gene Gehl


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