The Des Moines Register, dated May 2, asks the question: ”Why doesn’t Davenport have a flood wall to protect itself from the raging Mississippi River?"

Mayor Frank Klipsch responded that Davenport's relationship with its 9-mile riverfront motivates the city to maintain course with its current flood control plan.

Wow. Are you kidding me? The realistic solution is to build a flood wall and get over this archaic thought of using methods that cost taxpayers and businesses that will not be beneficial now or in the future.

The mayor commented that Davenport isn't flooded, it's a portion of it and that is very important to us. What? The loss of sales taxes generated by the businesses on River Drive and other locations makes the flood wall necessary. Let's not forget the total confusion of the detour process accompanied by potholes.

The view of the river will be there, and we do not need another park on the river. Take a survey of the citizens of Davenport and wake up and smell the roses. Build the wall, and they will come.

Tim Flemming


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