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It seems apparent that the city leaders of Bettendorf and Davenport have forgotten that they voted or authorized the cut to their own transit service, two-thirds in Bettendorf and 50 percent in Davenport.

The new app is useless. People know where the bus is supposed to be and to advertise that it can step right outside your door to catch a bus is ridiculous, especially since you have to walk anywhere from two blocks to a mile to catch one. Heaven forbid if you miss your connection, you'll have to wait another hour at least.

On weekends the situation is even worse. You can spend up to four hours for a round trip just to go to North Park Mall. Evidently, our city leaders feel that, for the people who use transit, time is of no importance.

The citizens of these two communities are tired and fed up with the inaction surrounding problems the city councils and the appointed department heads have created. The declining ridership is due to officials' own lack of foresight. 

Maybe I'm wrong in this perception, but aren't the councils supposed to represent all the people, -- and I mean all the people -- not just a select few?

Ken Schroeder