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How could Justin Scott, an atheist, be so prideful as to believe his rights have been trampled because he was not selected, out of many, to give a public invocation, a prayer?

Our founders believed strongly that we will not survive as a nation without a religious/moral base of citizens. Thomas Jefferson explicitly stated that to remove religion from our society will destroy us as a nation. Be that as it may, we have extended to each individual the freedom to choose: to believe, not to believe, or even to believe in evil doctrines.

Unfortunately, we are reaping the "rewards" of atheistic views: Murder, lying and coveting other’s property are all acceptable. Strength of the family is being undermined. Imaginary "rights" are replacing responsibility. Satanist societies are springing up to train our youth in their evil ways. The atheistic socialistic left wing is destroying freedom with a one-world government view that is totally abdicating the first responsibility of government – that of protecting our nation and its citizens.

Unless the battle is won for strong border security, controlled immigration, and respect for the rule of law is re-established, we will have a world without borders and no nation left to govern.

Unless we return to a strong base of citizens who believe in freedom, self-responsibility and biblical moral values we will no longer be a nation of free people.

Ruth Johnson


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