Letter: Can prayer change a president?

Letter: Can prayer change a president?


When I was recently grumbling about our current president to a respected pastor, she reminded me that Christians are supposed to pray for everyone, from those who we really like to, those who we dislike. No exceptions. So I should pray for Donald J. Trump, whom I loathe for what he has done to our presidency and to our nation.

My prayers for Mr. Trump might go something like this: "Dear Lord God Almighty, please listen to my prayer. I sincerely yearn for you to dramatically transform the Donald into a human being who is humble, attuned to reality, open minded and compassionate. And a respected true leader who would learn to place others and the nation and the world ahead of himself." Amen.

Without God's divine intervention, I honestly do not think that any of these noble Christian qualities are realistic, but I am an optimistic and remain hopeful.

"For all of our sake, please, God, perform this total presidential makeover. Amen."

Rick Sundin Jr.



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