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Two mass shootings have occurred in the last eleven days. I hold Trump and congressional Republicans responsible for the mass shooting deaths that have occurred in the last two years. It is stunning that they have shirked their legislative responsibility since taking over the presidency and both houses of Congress.

Republicans are apparently more concerned with dismantling the ACA and denying affordable healthcare to citizens, especially those with pre-existing conditions. They are so focused on denying women the right to make reproductive health choices, but are not equally focused on legislating reasonable gun control laws to save lives. Republicans would like voters to believe that they are interested in saving the lives of the unborn. How can voters truly believe them when they are not interested in saving the lives of the living?

Republicans have had two years of legislative control to prove they are serious about governing. They have squandered this opportunity. Instead of enacting important life saving legislation, they have passed a tax cut for the wealthiest and corporations thereby increasing the deficit. The current GOP has gone to POT (Party of Trump). They can now discard the mantle of fiscal conservatism. The new POT can no longer be called the “law and order” party. They now have two incumbents re-elected who are under federal indictments for corruption. Republicans have not offered any reasonable gun control legislation in the two years they have been in control, despite the numerous deaths from gun violence. The 2020 election can not come soon enough.

Faith Endresen


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