I’m new here to the Quad Cities, having recently moved here from Baltimore. The people are very kind, and to be frank, everything is simply much nicer than Baltimore. Alas, that isn’t saying much.

I recognize the seeds of very much the same issues that have led to Baltimore’s downfall. Baltimore is also know for its high rate of sexually transmitted diseases, which according to an article published in the Sept. 26 edition of this publication,  is rapidly becoming a problem here as well, most particularly Rock Island County and Scott County.

The author quoted a Planned Parenthood executive expressing the opinion that the closing of its clinics contribute to the problem. But he also cited a contrarian professional opinion that pointed out the trend started well beforehand. Planned Parenthood, or similar clinics offering sexual education, would make little to no difference.

Rarely does increased knowledge grant one control over passions. If the past 200 years of the enlightenment experiment has taught us anything, it is that education alone cannot overcome human passion. So long as the people of the Quad Cities attempt to have consequence-free sex, divorced from the bounds of monogamous marriage, the STD health crisis will continue.

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Should the people of the Quad Cities re-embrace traditional values and return to the sacramental life of the church, by the grace of God, they can change their behavior and overcome the passion of lust. The STD problem could be completely eliminated in a single generation by a mere change of behavior.

Michael Sisco


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