What are the true facts about Davenport's flooded downtown?

Referring to the May 30 article in the Quad-City Times by Davenport City Administrator Corri Spiegel: In one statement this is written: "....the City of Davenport does not yet have a clear understanding of what caused the breach .... "

Then these statements are made: "... Two things can be crossed off... 1. The breach wasn't caused by the roadway being compromised. 2. The breach was not caused by the water level of the river reaching a point that was higher than the actual barrier."

She continued, "In our fast-paced environment it is easy for the wrong information to be believed."

How do we know we are getting the correct information now?

The city does not know what caused the breach. How can anything be crossed off the list?

Then there is this: Davenport's "flood plan is not yet done and likely never will be."

As a taxpaying citizen of Davenport I cannot believe a flood plan never will be finished.

Don't we need city leaders who are capable of coming up with a flood plan and who offer clear, truthful information?

Pat Jones


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