In the face of immeasurable suffering and moral abomination, a country must undergo systemic change. Systemic change does not come easily; you have to fight for it. Abraham Lincoln fought. Franklin D. Roosevelt fought. Martin Luther King, Jr., fought. What none of these catalysts for change did was to comprise. Because in the face of immeasurable suffering and moral abomination, compromise is not an option.

The Republican Party wholeheartedly abandoned bipartisanship 25 years ago now, and this has led us to yet another point in history when systemic change is needed.

Compromise is no longer an option, and America needs someone who will fight for them. Our politics have progressed to a point where compromise and pragmatism are purely euphemisms for moral cowardice and political expedience.

Barack Obama had great ideas of change, but he compromised instead of fighting. By 2016, Americans were so desperate for change they elected Donald Trump over the most electable, qualified Democrat anyone could find, all because four years of potentially chaotic change was easier to stomach than four more years of stagnation.

So the next time you hear a candidate promising to fix the system and not enact systemic change, remember that that's because the system works. It works probably better than it ever has. It just doesn't work for you. And the next time you hear a teary-eyed orator making a broad emotional appeal, remember that we've been treading in a pool of their tears for 40 years.

We need their blood and sweat. We need a fighter, not a lover.

Zachary Knox



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