As a registered independent voter, I felt it was my constitutional duty to watch two nights of Democratic candidates for U.S. president debate and promote their agendas.

I was intrigued to see all 10 candidates at one point raise their hands to show support for health care coverage for illegal immigrants. Adding that support to other comments I heard about a "public option" and "health care is a constitutional right," and even "Medicare for all," causes one to think about the effects of such a health care system.

As I see it, all of these proposals mean I will no longer have deductibles and premiums that come out of my Social Security check. Simply no longer paying Medicare Part B will result in an additional $135/month in my Social Security deposit.

Then under Medicare Part A it appears I will no longer face the possibility of annual deductibles of $1,364, nor the required $341 per day for 61 to 90 days of hospital care, and $682 per day thereafter.

Also, my required $170.50 per day of skilled nursing care goes away. All this will be tax-free to me, because the richest 1% are paying for it in their taxes. How would illegal immigrants, without legal employment, be able to pay all that anyway?

I will now be following even more closely to see how the field of candidates is narrowed and how much it will put back in my Social Security check to vote for them. Count me in.

Les Shields


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