In a letter to the editor on May 9, Mr. Auston McLain asked why doesn't Davenport have a flood wall. The original concept would have cost the federal government a lot of money. In addition it would have cost about $50,000 a year to Davenport just to maintain that wall. Maintenance is not inexpensive. I do not know what Rock Island pays for maintenance. but it costs something, and maybe a lot.

I worked with Lloyd Platt before he became a councilman, against the flood wall. If Davenport had a flood wall, then the people downstream, and there are lots of people down stream, would have to contend with a river that is flowing faster and higher than the river at our front door. Instead, Davenport choose to build buildings in the flood area that would withstand floods, and built them accordingly. So the bus stop, we have the fire department hose it out, and even the Figge is built to withstand floods.

The choice is clear. Davenport made the right decision oh so long ago. I am proud of Davenport and it's forward-looking choice.

Richard Jirus


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