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The death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and it has no purpose in our civilized society. All people should know that our death penalty system is tremendously flawed: It is unfair, racially biased and costs taxpayers more than life imprisonment. In addition, the death penalty does nothing to keep our families safe, it is not a deterrent to crime and its funding comes at the expense of proven criminal justice strategies that actually decrease crime. It is time for a more enlightened and honest conversation about capital punishment and to move our nation toward abolition of the death penalty.

The documentary film, "In the Executioner’s Shadow" casts a penetrating look at the consequences of the death penalty through three powerful stories — the rare perspective of a former state executioner who comes within days of executing an innocent person; a Boston Marathon bombing victim who struggles to decide what justice really means; and the parents of a murder victim who choose to fight for the life of their daughter’s killer.

As wrongful convictions, botched executions and a broken justice system inch further into the spotlight, we must consider: What is justice? What part should the death penalty play?

The Franciscan Peace Center will host a free screening of "In the Executioner’s Shadow” on Thursday, March 21 at 6:30 p.m. The event will take place at The Canticle, home of the Sisters of St. Francis, 841 Thirteenth Ave. N., Clinton.

Laura Anderson

Franciscan Peace Center

Sisters of St. Francis


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