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Thanks to Barb Ickes and the Quad-City Times editors, for the big front page picture and coverage of the (somewhat unknown) status of the John Deere mansion. Also, thanks to all who have contributed to the preservation and restoration thus far.

After moving here as a result of a Deere job transfer in 1997, I have enjoyed showing the mansion to other John Deere tourist/enthusiasts, mostly from Ontario, while trying to be respectful of neighbors.

I was relieved when the retaining wall on 12th Street was repaired a couple of years ago. I was afraid erosion would doom the whole project. The ornate wrought iron fencing has been fascinating to me, and what a challenge to consider replacing. If there would be a 3D printer project, that might be one.

It's interesting to wonder about the horse and carriage life of the Deere family back then, on those cobblestone/brick streets, between there and the Deere-Wiman House and Butterworth Center. Also what was it like for the (grump/old?) gentleman to look down from up there: to his Plow Works, reflecting on his career achievements since his time in Vermont and Grand Detour, Illinois?

As Ickes noted, this is a neat piece of the Quad-City history, prior to when it was the "Farm Machinery Capital," with Deere and Farmall and J.I.Case.

David Dow


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