Letter: Democrats and values

Letter: Democrats and values


What is a Democrat? Those who so identify say they have "values."

This is a people who will vote for a communist or a capitalist — whichever gets nominated.

Is it possible those seemingly polar opposites share a common value? No way. But these Democrats seem to be afraid of our president, an alpha male. Replacing him is their only goal, preferably with a nanny, or maybe a den mother.

Instead of values they have "feelings."

Apparently, that's sufficient for them. Remember how Bill Clinton could feel our pain? But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Can we equate their feelings to anything constructive? No. They are interested in the appearance of results, not actual results. Their motivation is to relieve their consciences, not relieve others' pain. Anyone could examine our "war on poverty" and see an absolute failure.

Common sense leads us to the proverb "give a man a fish to feed him for a day; but teach him to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime." The Democrats give him a fish every day, but won't give him education. No vouchers and no charter schools. A dropout rate of 40% is acceptable to Democrats and they are, after all, indebted to the teachers union.

But Democrats are so into their feelings that they prefer a lie over words that are "insensitive." They will destroy history if they think its memory is hurtful. History itself teaches us "those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it."

Robert Stickling

Blue Grass


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