In a July 29 letter, Eugene Mattecheck described the Democratic Party as if it were "The Squad," and that’s patently untrue. Anyway, uniformity is not the hallmark of a healthy family. Some members are quiet and some are noisy, but they can function just fine as a family without becoming a set of photocopies.

Today’s Republican Party commands: "Fall in lock-step or scram, our funders are watching."

Many have left or have been tweeted out the door. The independent thinkers have been silenced and replaced by mini-McConnells and Donalds.

The four women of color "spew" ideas while practicing "naked socialism" (is this to be practiced in a colony?) and "ooze" hatred for America?

They could choose their words more wisely, but at the heart of their fervor lie truths that America should study carefully before 2020. The Squad channels the feelings of many non-Christians, people of color, poor and marginalized people and anyone who wants all in America to be happy and safe.

A "vapid" Green New Deal? Evidence of climate change is everywhere, not merely in scientific papers. TrumpCo loves Big Oil, Gas and Coal while the only earth we have is tearing itself apart with our help.

Criticism of some of Israel’s actions toward Palestine does not equal anti-Semitism — no country or leader is beyond criticism.

I hope our next president reads, understands and deeply respects our Constitution and begins to repair some of the vast damage our current president has done to our wonderful country and planet.

Leslie Bell


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