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It is baffling how the Democrats accuse Republicans of being divisive and intolerant as if they had no guilt there.

For over a century, Democrats have encouraged class warfare of poor against rich. Democrats will never cut your taxes because they want your money for their vote-buying social welfare programs, so they try to belittle Republican tax cuts as "just for the rich," apparently because of the totally logical result that the person paying $100,000 in taxes saves more than the person paying $1,000. Duh!

And, it is the Democrats who practice gender and identity politics with the attitude, "Everybody is a victim. We'll help you get even!" So much for promoting tolerance and harmony.

So who do the Democrats tolerate? Illegal immigrants in their sanctuary cities. The violent mobs swarming our southern border demanding - demanding! - entry will undoubtedly try to persuade us they are entitled to asylum, since those granted asylum immediately become eligible for food stamps, cash welfare, Medicaid and other benefits.

As to who will pay for all this - look in the mirror. 

John Dixell

Rock Island

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