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The Democratic Party has a new generation of elected officials in the U.S. Congress and in state houses with plenty of ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Their ideas have not yet met the reality of the costs and the rigors of the budget process. That will happen.

But the Democratic Party is clearly on the rise.

Many of these new voices could make an attractive presidential candidate, but in my opinion, after Trump, we need an experienced hand to rebuild the U.S. government. We need to repair our relations with our longtime European allies, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The morale of the FBI and the Justice Department also needs attention.

Trust in our intelligence organizations needs to be restored. The EPA, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the IRS and other agencies need to be properly staffed and funded.

The Department of Education needs to be refocused on students rather than the bottom line of for-profit education companies. But compared to the dearth of a base in the Republican Party, the Democrats are in great shape.

On the Republican side, there is only the shrinking Trump base.

The sooner Trump is removed from office the better it will be for the conservatives among us.

The sooner Trump is out, the sooner conservatives can start to repair the severe damage done to the morale and reputation of the Republican Party.

James L. Tucker


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