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Being a baby boomer, I enjoyed Ken Croken's letter (Dec. 20) defending our generation. However, I feel strongly we let down Millennials, Gen X, and future generations.

Over the past 40 years, our country has become more divided. The two parties refuse to listen to each other, let alone work for the American people who voted for them. It was not like this 40 years ago.

We don't want people to vote, so we make it more difficult to vote with voter suppression laws.

Gun violence continues to worsen, and my generation does nothing. We worship violence and the N.R.A.

The infrastructure of our country is deteriorating. We waste money in Iran, Iraq, Korea, Yemen, Syria while our country falls apart. Why?

When my generation went to college, we could afford it. Today, most students cannot, or they will have student loans for a long time. How does that prepare you for the jobs of tomorrow?

And what happened to the once vibrant middle class?

We helped eliminate the middle class by outsourcing, downsizing, and pretty much destroying unions. Most people from my generation did not have to work two or three jobs to survive. Today's jobs offer no health care or pensions. Most work is part-time, seasonal, contingent, and low pay.

It gets worse. Inequality in the U.S. is the highest ever and the highest in the world. Why do we condone this and not adequately fight poverty.

My generation should wonder if we really left the world a better place for those following us.

Right now, I feel we did not. Only time will tell.

Dave Fuller


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