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I had hoped that a change in leadership for the editorial section would improve it, but the Sunday (10/7) edition disappointed.

First, the cartoon space was wasted on a needlessly ugly caricature of Sen. Grassley asking the meaning of "Boof." (I didn't know what it meant, either.)

Then, the front page editorial supported Rep. Cheri Bustos and her fellow Democrats in their effort to create a non-working, taxpayer-supported leisure class on the welfare rolls.

The Democrats say we can't ask people to work until we can coax them to take advantage of our training and education programs to qualify them for jobs. Nonsense.

Looking around us, we see streets and vacant lots littered with paper and debris. One doesn't have to be trained, educated or even particularly able-bodied to spend a few hours cleaning the environment in return for food stamps (SNAP), subsidized housing, Medicaid, etc., etc.

John Dixell

Rock Island

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