Fifty years ago this summer, Charles Manson’s cult, aka “The Manson Family,” committed a series of nine murders at his behest at four locations in Los Angeles County: brutal, bloody, sensationalist murders, executed close-up by knife and gun, in July and August of 1969. Adding to the sensationalism, one of the victims was actress Sharon Tate (8 ½ months pregnant wife of movie director Roman Polanski), another, Abigail Folger, heiress to the Folgers Coffee fortune.

Sadly, a serial murder of nine seems almost quaint and old-fashioned today. Our nation has arced nowhere but down in the realm of multi-victim violence the past half-century.

We need to reverse our current, terrorizing trend. We must do something more than chant “Do something!” Our government must help us control the carnage and every level of American society must exert itself to do what is necessary to stop the killing of so many innocents in public places.

Gary Heath


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